One Month To Go

I’ve gotten several emails from people asking how the book release went, so I figured what better time than Friday the 13th to write an update here… For the masses (*and by “masses”, I mean “one” – hi, Jaime) that care.

As it turns out, the studios that made Spiderman and Batman have been lobbying hard for my book to be postponed.  Apparently they were extremely concerned that the American public would be paralyzed at home, glued to the pages of my book, and their box office splashes would be reduced to a handful of un-American communists.  I told them to settle down since they’ll be crushed by Twins 2 either way, but eventually they won out and last week I learned that the release date is sliding back a ways to August 14th.  While there’s a little bit of frustration associated with preparing one way for things and then have to shift to another direction nearly last minute, I’m pretty happy about this change.  It gives me more time to promote and get the word out, and more time to take care of the other things on my plate.

You’re welcome Christian Bale . (<—Not Safe For Work Language)

In other news, Olympic Gold hopeful/front-runner, Marlen Esparza has joined my legions (*and by “legions” I mean “83″) of twitter followers.  Yes, I’m expecting a dedication speech after she beats the foreign opposition mercilessly (the beating’s aftermath should look just like this).

Also, a special apology to Mr Mike Ilitch.  We apparently couldn’t find room to place his quote in the book.  To be entirely honest, I was seeing-red livid when I got that news.  If I had my way, the entire book would be nothing but billionaires (that’s actually a really good idea… interview billionaires about their methods and values to success and then let their connections handle promotion).

Anyway, there’s a month to go but a lot of promotion to do.  I’ve got a few widely syndicated radio shows lined up, and some TV appearances look promising.  Even then it still won’t be enough, so please throw the links (on the right) around your social media sites.  It’s Friday and everyone is bored at work and more inclined to click stuff, so help out please.

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  1. Mike Volker says:

    Hey Man congratz on the book! So when I get it will I be able to get it signed by you?

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