Broncos at Giants – Battling the Over Front

Earlier this week on a Broncos’ podcast, I mentioned one key match-up for the coming Manning Bowl: Julius Thomas vs. Justin Tuck when NY shifts into the over front:

We can expect to see Kiwi over Clady’s shoulder in the 5 technique or open end, Cullen Jenkins at the nose over Manny’s left shoulder (1 technique), Joseph in a 3 technique under tackle sitting in the B-gap on Vasquez’s right shoulder, and Justin Tuck heads up on Julius in a wide-9 technique as the closed end.

Clearly this is a match-up the Giants hope to exploit with even more regularity than a Von Miller arrest warrant, so what can Gase and Manning do to prevent NY from exploiting this match-up without blowing a timeout to substitute in a two TE set?  Check to the run!  A weakside handoff gives Denver a substantial matchup advantage as Clady matches up on Kiwanuka as he tries to control the C gap while squeezing the B, Beadles does what he does best upfield and seals the Sam-backer (Keith Rivers), and our mammoth perimeter receivers successfully block subpar corners a foot smaller.

It’s interesting to note that if Denver were still a read-option team (2011-the Tebow year), they could have Julius chip and release to the second level to seal off the will backer and run the option at—and functionally PAST—Tuck and get the one-on-one against the safety (Rolle) for 6.  The Giants can expect division rivals Philly and/or Washington to execute this if and when the front presents itself.


Will score like crazy until proven otherwise.


Cover 1 pressure packages primarily from the Nickel.  Expect to man up (DRC to Nicks, Harris to Cruz, Carter to Randle) with Rahim giving a single deep safety look where Denver can force fan protection (5 on 5) from the Giants and collapse the pocket.  Expect Denver to get creative with blitz packages as Wilson proved himself irrelevant in pass protection.

Free Money – Each week I’ll list several “locks” against the spread as well as my cumulative season record.

San Francisco +3

Denver -4.5

Indy -2.5

Dallas +3

Around the League:

Chip Kelly might be the karma we’ve all openly wished for.  At this rate, he’ll have Ron Mexico dead by Week 10.

Tough week to run the football.  While many will point to this as further evidence of the NFL being a “passing league”, offensive lines take time to establish the consistency and synchronicity that’s so vital in NFL rushing attacks.

Watch out for the Jaguars.  They look like a lock to make some serious noise in the post-season.

Alford watch:

Robert Alford, my favorite SELU prospect that vaulted from obscurity to the 2nd round of the NFL draft has already carved himself a massive role with the Falcons and kicked off the first game of his NFL career with a pick and two passes defensed.  Watch for him to supplant their higher pedigreed draft pick and cousin to Marcus, Desmond Trufant sometime this season.

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